Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BEDA 13: Relationships

Inspired by two dumb girls in the Radisson gift shop.

Your relationship is not a sitcom episode. You are not on TV, you are not in a movie. You and your significant other are not two species from different planets; you are not two totally foreign specimens who were born thinking and acting differently from one another. Your significant other does not epitomize every negative stereotype of the opposite sex, but you might be able to find traces of each negative quality you're looking for if you look hard enough.
There is no reason to fight all the time. There is no need for absolutely relentless, constant conflict in your relationship. I know that's what TV shows focus on, but trust me, that's not reality. Those are false scenarios that are created by writers in order to present drama, heartache and happiness in a convenient 22 minute package. You are recreating these situations subconsciously because you are dumb.
Stop it.

Side not to this blog: I typed "dumb girls" into Google images hoping for a picture of girls acting like idiots or making funny faces or something. Instead I got stuff like this:


Apparently dumb and sexy are synonymous.
Jesus Christ, no wonder we're so fucked up as a species.

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