Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BEDA 14: My Dog

My dog is awesome. She rules and she is probably the best dog ever.
Here is a picture of us together when I had a beard.
Man, you're so jealous of my dog. Look how good she's being. This photo was probably taken after she did something awesome, because she does awesome stuff all the time.

Fun fact: this dog doesn't even need a leash when we go outside. She listens to EVERYTHING I say. I can command her with a snap or a whistle or a hand gesture, so she doesn't run up to people and be all obnoxious like everyone else's dog.
Because she's my dog, and she's way too cool for that.
If you don't own a dog, you should get one, because they're sweet as hell. Just don't expect yours to be as good as mine, because that's pretty much impossible.

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