Saturday, April 17, 2010

BEDA 17: Remaking Movies

I'm just gonna say it: I thought the original Clash of the Titans was pretty bad. That guy's face alone is enough to wreck the entire movie. He looks like a young Jay Leno running around in a loin cloth trying to be an action star. Like, straight-up, dinner-plate face. What a moron. Not to mention he's playing Perseus, a mentally-retarded young man who is an utter embarrassment to Greek myth and possibly the least likable hero ever.

My impression of this film as a whole is that it is generally accepted as a classic B movie, so much so that the kraken scene is actually used in the hella-cheesy intro to Malcolm in the Middle. So why remake it? Well, probably because it's a popular name and most people have seen the original (I myself had to watch it several times throughout my eduaction, including once in college.)
But, it raises sort of an interesting point, and one that I've been saying for years: Film-makers should ONLY remake bad films.
Because what's the point of taking a movie that was already good and just doing it again?
Well, besides making boat loads of money, I mean.
But where's the challenge in that?
Plus, if instead of remaking already successful movies the fellows in Hollywood decided to remake bad movies and make them good, we'd have twice as many good movies.
So that's my challenge, movie-makers. Your first assignment: Chopping Mall. Good luck.

P.S. I really hope they included the R2D2-esque robot owl in the new movie. That would be weird enough to make it worth watching.

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