Friday, April 16, 2010

BEDA 16: Careers

I spent this morning writing a sample article entitled "What can I do with a Bachelor in Business Administration with a Marketing emphasis."
It truly depresses me that people actually pursue things like this in order to obtain jobs such as "public relations specialist" and "financial controller." How can you live your life like that when it's so nice outside?
I just want it to be summer forever and get paid for doing nothing and win at everything I do and never have to worry about money again and see the world.
Is that too much to ask? To live in such a fantasy world?

People that end up making careers out of what they love and are passionate about are probably the luckiest people around. Because you have to have a job, but if you love your job and get paid to do it, how great is that? You probably see this a lot in doctors and authors and video game designers and scientists of all sorts. I just don't think you see it very much in marketing managers and sales representatives. There is no passion in it, no reward, no meat. Just white collar oppression and I shudder at the thought.

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