Thursday, April 15, 2010

BEDA 15: Drawing

I wish I could draw. Man do I ever.
When I was a kid I could draw. I used to draw all the time. Mostly I drew monsters, which is probably why I never really developed as a visual artist. Nothing I drew actually existed, so there were no rules I had to follow, no technique to mastering certain aspects of reality. I just drew lots and lots of monsters.
I can still draw monsters, but in the way that you would expect an 8 year old to draw them. Beyond that, I can do little else.
I think visual artists have a huge professional advantage over other artists. Also, it's more fun. Novels take hours and hours to read. Albums take hours to finish, and hours more to fully appreciate. Even songs take whole minutes. But paintings and pictures and comic strips take mere minutes to soak in. Instant gratification! I don't have anything like that.
Except for blogs, which aren't really the same. Like at all.
I guess it's never too late to learn, but, you know I'm busy.
I want to know how to draw.

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  1. As a visual artist, I'd just like to say that the grass is greener;
    the gratification might be instant, but it's often incredibly underwhelming. Imagine spending hours and hours making a painting, then showing it to someone. They look at it for a few seconds and go "Oh, that's nice".

    Yup. Music can be actively appreciated, and when you're making music you have the opportunity to -notice- people enjoying your music. Books take a lot of time to read, but that also means that you get a lot more enjoyment from it.
    And that people are willing to pay more for it. :/