Monday, April 26, 2010

BEDA 25: One Year Anniversary

Well, I failed to write a blog entry on the 25th of April, which marks the second time this month that I have failed in my obligations to BEDA.
But, I have an excuse.
I was celebrating my one year anniversary of college!
Actually, I was driving home to Kalamazoo in the rain and then working for seven hours.
Still though, it really was my first post-collegiate anniversary.

So what have I been doing with myself since I stopped going to school?
First and foremost I have been writing a book. I once heard author John Green say that writing a novel is a lot like raising a child in that no one is qualified to do it until they have done it. That is to say, you become qualified in the process of doing it.
Attempting to write a novel has been challenging and overwhelming and difficult, but it has also been absolutely fantastic.
My career plan upon graduating college was to get a bullshit job, be poor, and write a novel.
A year after graduation I am over 200 pages into the book, working in the food industry, and driving a 94 Honda that I share with my girlfriend.
So far, everything is right on schedule.
I feel like people sort of wince when I tell them I have a degree in creative writing. And yeah, it's true, in this economy it's much safer to get a degree in something like "business administration with a marketing emphasis and a focus on sales demographics research stuff." But I couldn't do that work. It would make me miserable. As of right now I am perfectly happy with what I'm doing.
It was a great first year out of the black pit of misery known as school. I'm sure there will be many more to come.

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